Posted by: mylittlesnow | October 12, 2008

Aiyoyo, too many Datuks in Malaysia la, we need young ppl not latuks!

With each passing years, it seems that the list of people being conferred with a Datukship is getting more… errm… weird? Ok, not so long ago, when our very own squash queen Nicol David was conferred with Datukship, i think it’s still acceptable because she has certainly worked very hard to achieve the status as the undisputed top squash player in the world and mind you, reaching the top is easy (not for me but for her la) but to maintain that status is even harder! So i think it’s still acceptable although i’m finding it weird as well to call her Datuk Nicol David, heck, she’s even younger than me! But today, the STAR reports out that Shah Rukh Khan, the Bollywood actor, will be conferred a Datukship as well. WHAT ?!? (me raising my people’s eyebrow ala the Rock style). Aiyoyo, and do you know what was the reason given? It’s due to the fact that Mr. Shah once filmed his movie at A Farmosa la. Well if that’s the case, i’m sure that the floodgates will be opened for more actors and actresses to be conferred Datukship. Then one day, as the movie credits roll, we’ll see Datuk Michelle Yeoh, Datuk Shah Rukh Khan, Datuk Sean Connery (Entrapment at Twin Towers?), Datuk Catherine Zeta Jones (Entrapment), Datuk Richie Ren (Summer something at Pulau Redang), Datuk Sammi Cheng (Summer something movie as well at Pulau Redang), Datuk Ang Lee (filming lust caution in Malaysia), Datuk Tony Leung (Lust Caution as well), Datuk Chow Yun Fat (Anna and King at Khoo Kongsi, Penang), Datuk Jodie Foster (Anna and King as well) and the list goes on and on la. And lets not forget the real Datuk (all grandpas out there) and also the Latuk at pasar or kopitiam. Wow, out country is full of Datuks and Latuks!

Read ‘People just Khan believe it!’ here.



  1. if contributions and promoting nation to the world matters then alleycats ,andre goh,suhaimi baba,yasmin ahmad to name a few.truelly deserve it.they are genuinely of malaysian background.fighting all odds to earn a name and at same time put malaysia/malaysian known to the world.ali rustam you milk monkeys in the jungle than your own chidren,it really puke

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