Posted by: mylittlesnow | October 10, 2008

For whatever hope that is left, pls do it fast Anwar!

I must admit that i am one of people who is starting to give up hope on Anwar’s takeover plan. First it was 916, then probably 1016 and God knows what-is-the-current-dateline now. But then, for whatever hope that is left out there, I sincerely do hope that Anwar is still pursuing this takeover plan and he needs to do it fast, although i know i should not be using the word fast anymore. Probably there are reasons out there not known to us, the complexity of the process of taking over etc, but since the dateline has passed, i guess Anwar can slowly take his time on this.

But with Abdullah now announcing his plan to step down in March and hand over his baton to Najib, i’m starting to have that uneasy feeling once again. You see, with all the controversies surrounding Najib, i am wondering if he is the right person to become Malaysia’s next Prime Minister. Submarine corruption deals, Altantuya’s murder and you know what, there’s even the Port Dickson story where not many of us knew about. But i remember Anwar giving a warning to Najib that he will reveal something about Port Dickson. So how do you expect me to have faith or trust in Najib when he is linked to all these startling allegations? Remember, it takes two hand to clap. I don’t see Abdullah getting involved in any murder cases, i don’t see Muhyiddin involved as well. I don’t see Tengku Razaleigh involved in any controversies as well. Even when Anwar was charged with corruption back in 1998, i don’t even know the exact corruption charge as well. But not for Najib. What about the Aviation Gading story revealed by RPK not too long ago, complete with proof of Najib’s involvement in it.

To cut the story short, it is in my opinion that we’re all doomed should Najib take over as Malaysia’s PM. This is strictly my personal opinion and i believe i have my right to voice up my opinion. Should Anwar fail with his takeover plan, then i do hope that someone else from UMNO will challenge for president post. I know Muhyiddin is out of the president race as he just announced that he’s going for No. 2 post. So all that’s left now is only Tengku Razaleigh and i do hope that he won’t back out from contesting for the president post. Lets keep our fingers crossed and just pray for some miracle… 



  1. 1- Anwar always talk too much… But no action loo…

    2- “Lawan tetap lawan”, but then, when his ex assistant (sepul), asking him to swear in front of the al-quran, He was afraid to do that….

    3- We all (RAkyat) still waiting for him to reveal the picture of Najib with altantuya…. But untill this momment, he still not revealing anything…

    4- Like his case(sodomy), I am not believe it, till he was proven that he did it… Same as Najib…

  2. To know who is Anwar…please read this..

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