Posted by: mylittlesnow | October 2, 2008

Movie review: Love Guru what???

How to make a lousy movie Guru?

How to make a lousy movie Guru?

I can’t believe i spent the whole afternoon today watching The Love Guru. The movie suck big time dude! Was it suppose to be a comedy or what? But i don’t find myself loughing out loud at any moment of the show and worse, the jokes were all very lame! It was only after watching the movie, when i go to IMDB website to give my rating, that i found out, Justin Timberlake was in the movie! Justin, yeah, that singer Justin Timberlake and i was totally blown away when i found out who Justin was in the movie. I’m not gonna reveal much about it but after i knew who Justin was, i replay back the scenes with Justin in it and that was when i totally laugh my ass off. I can never imagine Justin playing that character, never… bwah hahaha!

Conclusion is, don’t watch it unless you have to. It’s definitely one of the suckiest movie of the year to date.

Till then, Murushka Hargate…if i’m getting it right…



  1. yeah kah?? i tot it was rather funny at some points…

  2. dunno leh… can’t even remember a scene where i laughed till my stomach got cramps…

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