Posted by: mylittlesnow | September 29, 2008

Now this is what i call a real Angkawasan dude!

I just found out that one Chinese Taikonaut just completed a spacewalk last Saturday afternoon. And it seems that they also manned their own space vehicle. Now that’s what i call a real astronaut dude !!! Unlike our very own ‘space tourist’, who just tumpang a space shuttle up to the space to do some ‘important’ research program and then back to earth. If a person is called a pilot, you expect him to know how to operate and manouvre a plane, likewise, if someone is called a lorry driver, then you expect him to be able to drive a lorry. But if you’re just a passenger on a plane or lorry, then you’re just a… passenger ! Why bother making a big hoo-hah spending hundreds of millions of ringgit to become a space tourist. So after our first angkasawan, what’s next for Malaysia’s space program? Any concrete plans? Any studies done to make sure we all benefit from that program? Or just continue to let our Datuk Angkasawan sharing his experience to school kids and inspire more angkasawan wannabe? Then how many aircrafts the gov have to buy in order to send all aspiring angkasawan to space? Like what i’ve been saying over and over again, why bother conquering the space when you still have thousands and millions of potholes on our roads all over the country? We Malaysians can’t even drive our car properly on our bumpy roads, and you still wanna talk about angkasawan? Badawi, i hope you’re listening and hopefully, you will not buy more aircrafts in order to send our 2nd angkasawan up there!

Read news on Chinese taikonaut here.


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