Posted by: mylittlesnow | September 26, 2008

Best Penang Nasi Kandar at Hameediyah?

Best nasi kandar in Penang? Nah, dont think so...

Best nasi kandar in Penang? Nah, don't think so...

During one of my badminton session a few weeks ago, my fellow badminton kakis started talking about nasi kandar around Penang area and according to them, the best nasi kandar is at Restoran Hameediyah. In my more than 20 years in Penang, frankly speaking, i have not tried this particular nasi kandar before and heck, i don’t even know about the shop’s name. But after hearing rave reviews from a few people, and upon further enquiry with my other friends, seems that this particular shop selling nasi kandar is indeed quite famous. And i found out that this shop is located right along Campbell St. Actually the layout of the shop is kinda weird to me and it certainly looks narrow compare to normal shops. But we don’t go there to comment about the shop’s architectural layout right? heh! Ok, so what’s so special about this shop’s nasi kandar? My friend recommended me to try the ayam rose, i didn’t really know what it’s all about until i saw the actual ayam rose, and it’s actually kari ayam only la. haha, but probably the way they cook it, the meat is soft and juicy, unlike the chicken meat at Kayu, which is rather hard. But the real surprise instead is the beef, and boy, it’s real good. In my opinion, the beef is definitely a lot better than the recommended ayam rose. All in all, i think the real charm over this particular nasi kandar is the authentic taste of it and i do agree that it’s a bit different compared to other nasi kandars out there, but this one is definitely not on top of my list. Another pic below, murtabak, but nothing special here, just another normal murtabak. So far the best murtabak i have tasted is at one coffee shop located near Penang Hill. Probably i’ll cover it in my next post.

Murtabak, yum yum!

Murtabak, yum yum!



  1. How much was your Nasi Kandar meal at Hameediyah? It seem to me that Nasi Kandar is getting more and more expensive at times goes by.

  2. can’t remember the price exactly as i paid for my family…so it was added up in total…
    but u r right la, nowadays, not only nasi kandar, everything also up up and away… a simple glass of teh p’ng also cost RM1.20 now compared to RM1.00 not too long ago…

  3. my parents are big fans of Hameediyah…. they never go ‘kayu’ :p

  4. wow, making me hungry! i love the nasi kandar in penang – tho i cant remember the name of the place.. but can figure when im there haha 🙂

  5. yang dalam gambar tu nasi beriyani la kawan, bukan nasi kandar…

  6. As long as I can remember, Hameediyah has never been known as a nasi kandar joint. Instead, it is what some people termed as “nasi mamak” a.k.a the restaurant type of south indian muslim dishes. The 2 concepts are very different before it all got blurred by the latest glitz of the current craze of the so-called modern “nasi kandar” joints.

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