Posted by: mylittlesnow | September 25, 2008

How to show your support for RPK!

Well, there was a request from MT that we should try to spread the words around as much as possible. So here you go, latest proposal from MT team on how we can show our support for RPK. I have no problem doing item 1 and 2, but i will need to think long and hard for item 3 though. Actually it was once my dream to go bald, but i’m not sure if i wanna do it now.

How to show your support to RPK?
Posted by Super Admin
Wednesday, 24 September 2008 15:32

Dear friends of RPK,

A man who has stood up for truth and justice in Malaysia has now been incarcerated for two years without trial and with no hope for release, save at the pleasure of our Home Minister.

The time has come for Malaysians to stand up and be counted; to send a signal both to the authorities that we will not be cowered and that we stand by our man; to send a signal to each other that we are not alone, and to show our strength to one and all.

The time has come to act.

We compile here a number of actions that every Malaysian citizen can do in protest of the ISA, and to express their hope for a better Malaysia. It is imperative in this crucial moment that we keep up the momentum, lest RPK be forgotten like the rest of the ISA detainees.

1. Fly the Malaysian flag anywhere and everywhere possible (car, house, desk, body)
2. Drive with your headlights on in the day
3. Go bald (send pictures to MT Team) [download why-i-go-bald]

There are a number of other activities that can also be done, all of which will help RPK:

1. Wear Free RPK T-shirts (coming soon!)
2. Hold Candlelight vigils (send pictures to MT Team)
Sign online petitions (click here to sign)
4. Flood the authorities with phone calls, faxes, etc (click here for more details)
5. Send greeting cards to ISA detainees in Kamunting


email MT Team : admin (dot) mtoday (at) gmail (dot) com
postal address of ISA detainess : Tempat Tahanan Perlindungan, 34600 Kamunting, Taiping, Perak MALAYSIA



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