Posted by: mylittlesnow | September 24, 2008

Petrol Price Down by 10sen, yay!? Shouldn’t it be 40sen or more?

Hmm…i guess i’m blogging way too much on this petrol price issue but then again, it’s my own blog and i can say whatever i want, right? Lets put it simply this way, back then when gov announced petrol increase of 78cents, if i’m not wrong, the crude oil price was hovering around USD125. And based on the crude oil price today, it’s around USD103 (btw, it went below USD100 recently as well). That’s easily about 20% reduction. And compare to the total reduction gov has given us so far, it’s 15 cents + 10 cents, which means it’s 25 cents in total. That’s hardly 10% reduction! So this time are we being screwed big time? Don’t believe, why not do the math urself and educate me instead if you think i’m wrong. I’m open to bashing anyway and if you can prove to me that we’re not being screwed right now, i will apologize and stop blogging about our petrol price.

Star report on price reduction here.

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Post #3 – ** World price of crude oil drop, will petrol price in M’sia drop as well?
** Ok, i’m wrong about this, i said that Malaysian gov won’t ever decrease the price of petrol, but i was wrong. Ada kurang sikit la, total 25sen saje, nak minum kopi ‘O’ kao also cannot.


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