Posted by: mylittlesnow | September 23, 2008

Korek, i win… not korek, you go ISA

So there you go, it’s confirmed now that RPK will be sent to Kamunting detention centre and will be held there for 2 years. If you read MT’s website, there’s an article entitled, Heads I win, Tail you lose. But to me, it’s not exactly the same.

You see, if you do something wrong and then you go to the court and then the court find you guilty as charged, then you will be sentenced to jail for a few years depending on what type of crime you committed. Now that is not so bad, first, because you are indeed an a**hole and guilty la, so you deserve it and then you know that you will be released within a certain timeframe. Now this is assuming “Heads, I win”.

But what if “Tail, you lose”. Now that’s even worse. First of all, you are definitely not guilty as there isn’t any trial at all in the first place. And then you will be under 2 years detention and it can be renewed indefinitely. Wow! Can you imagine that? I’m wondering if a rapist will be sentenced to jail for life? What about snatch thief or bank robbers? Or kidnappers? Are those people worse than RPK, until RPK deserves to be kept in detention indefinitely without trial? If RPK is wrong, simple, just charge him!

Damn malu la stay in Malaysia. Korek korek korek, i win. If not korek, also you go ISA… sigh…   

Malaysiakini report here.



  1. heads i win,tail you bolehland heads i win tail i also win.cos you have no coins ma.

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