Posted by: mylittlesnow | September 22, 2008

Abdullah, why the sudden change to Defence minister?

Till today, Abdullah’s decision to swap his Finance minister position with Najib’s Defence minister post still baffles me. I still cannot figure out what could be the possible reason for this. Well, is Najib really good when it comes to Finance? After spending so many years in defence department, i guess what-ehva finance knowledge acquired by Najib in the past should have been nicely buried somewhere deep inside his brain now. How do i know? Of course i know la, cause after stuying e&e engineering and now more than 5 years later, i have forgotten almost all of the stuff i studied previously. Of course some basic knowledge remains but if you were to thrust me into some electronics project, i’d be scurrying around finding a big hole as a hiding place for meself. So even if Najib studied economics or finance some 20 years ago, do you think he will be able to perform up to expectation? At least Anwar has a few years of experience as Finance minister and personally, i think Anwar should be able to do a better job than Najib. But then backto the main question again, why the sudden change from Finance to Defence minister for Abdullah? My best guess right now is Abdullah is definitely trying to take control of the army. Who knows, if Pakatan really takes over and if Abdullah declares state of emergency, who’s in power by that time? The army, right? And who controls the army? Hmmm, like what RPK said previously, someone who pretends to be sleeping and and made you think he’s really sleeping, is definitely smarter than you… heh!  



  1. control the army? dont think so lah. by thinking so, ur implying that he not happy with defense work by Najib, that’s y he want to take over to make it right. but you think he is that smart meh? :p
    either he just want to be satisfied with a DPM title (thus the swap). or he finally realized he just not good with finance. he cant even bring business to the country. bottom line, he is just not up to it. my theory only la.

  2. no no…what i mean is…when the country is in darurat, if i’m not wrong…the army is the one to take control of the country ‘temporary’… and the army is under defence ministry… 😉


  3. yeah yeah temporary army in control but then where will agong be? can pm avoid his blessing?probably pm wants to know what wasgoing on in military while he was a sleeping beau..,hehe!

  4. it’s the General with the agong blessing right? not minister.. but then malaysia is boleh, anything can do including swapping like magic.

  5. aiyah, u dun NO meh ? now he can order & beli tis & dat & get …..(u NO lah , no need 4 me to draw the intestine out of a doll lah ) !!

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