Posted by: mylittlesnow | September 21, 2008

Man Utd in the doldrums, but do you dare to write them off?

New season, and Man Utd got off to a slow start yet again. I cannot find any reason why Alex Ferguson’s fledgings started off their season this way but this time, they could be as far as 9 points off the leaders by the fourth game if they lose to Chelsea later tonight. One of the reason i can think of is the lost of Cristiano Ronaldo. Yes, hate him for the way he’s trying to engineer his move out of OT but you have to admit that Man Utd looks like a local M-league team without him.

Hate him as much as you want, but Utd does need him, right?
Hate him as much as you want, but Utd needs him, right?

Scholes and Giggs are both way too old for this, although Scholes can still afford to sit back and spray the passes but for Giggs, who has depended on his speed as his main asset throughout his career, he’s now finding it tough to perform. And with both Nani and Andersson both still not fully matured yet in terms of their games, Man Utd’s midfield certainly looks the weakest among all department. So i was wondering why Alex Ferguson is still spending so much money on Berba? He should be finding replacement for Scholes and Giggs and it’s about time Man Utd stop depending too much on both the old guards. Compare to Chelsea’s midfield (BMW or Ferrari), Man Utd’s midfield looks like a proton BLM to me at this moment. But then again, how many times have AF made us eat our own words? hehe, so this time, i’m keeping my fingers crossed, who knows, Man Utd will bounce back from their mini slump starting with tonight’s match against Chelsea?


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