Posted by: mylittlesnow | September 20, 2008

Damn bloody Chinese! Boycott China made products!!!

Recently, for the past few years, our market is flooded with lots of Made in China stuff. Everything seems to be so cheap and we were at lost on how those Chinese can produce goods at such a cheap price. And then ‘wah la!’, one by one, fraud cases as well as scams started to appear and now the latest is the tainted milk case. I don’t mind if the products from China is cheap and inferior in quality, for example, a slipper might cost us RM2 but then it will broke within 2 months of usage, then it’s ok. But when those bastards started to cross the line between producing cheap inferior goods vs producing harmful products, then this is definitely terrible. I just could not imagine that just for the sake of reaping profits, they can ignore the facts that their actions will cause the lost of lives. Irresponsible and f*cking bastards. You know what, it’s time for all of us to stand up and send a firm and strong message to those bloody Chinese that we will not tolerate this sh*t and if you don’t improve on your safety/quality standards, then we will boycott China made products. Hell, it’s not because i purposely want to boycott but it’s for the sake of my own safety man! If you think it’s worth paying for cheap products from China, by all means, go ahead but with so many bad publicity going on for China made products, personally i’d rather spend extra and get something else more reputable. This time, i’m not going for bang for buck, but i’m bucking the bang !??!?!?  bwah hahahaha… whatever it is, what i’m trying to say is the opposite of bang for buck la… kidding… 

STAR report here.



  1. Aren’t you a chinese, too? Hypocrisy?

  2. yea… what a shame…

    not all chinese are bad fellas, just that we really have to boycott China products to give them a stern warning that safety and health should always comes first… u don’t reap profit at the expense of others’ health, especially the babies…

  3. Chinese products are crap. Everybody knows that. You guys need to stop being greedy. Change your image.

  4. I find this so horrible, that the Chinese economy is rising very strong and all the so called great leaders of the world allow shit to be deported from China to the rest of the goodwill paying world. Unfortunately yes, there are good people amongst the chinese, but there are also a lot of dark places where slavery work put children toys together and they dont fucking care what happens to those children when a toy is unsafe or broken within days after purchasing. Those so called bosses fill up their pockets, lose their workforce of slaves worked for very low wages, without any rights, and they start somewhere else doing what they do very good, exploiting people and take their money. We can stop those assholes by NOT buying everything that is produced in China. Governments should ring the alarmbell, and not let things go the same way like the melamine scandal, they can make a friking diffrence, do something for the money WE pay you for!

  5. Like in the movie Gremlins, the old man says…. GREMLINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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