Posted by: mylittlesnow | September 17, 2008

Badminton Guide: Part 2

Ok, previously, i have already covered the very basic stuff in badminton and for this second guide, i will discuss more in terms of positioning during play. I am a doubles players so i think i’ll talk more on doubles and i’ll not be discussing on singles strategy. So when you’re playing doubles, you will have to get your position right or else there will not be sufficient coverage of the court. Sometimes, you will see players running around and both might be going at the same direction to retrive the shots. So to keep it simple, always remember this formation as a tip, and i’ll explain why later on.

When defending: Square
When attacking: Front & Back

When defending:

Square position

Defence Formation: Square!

Square is a term usually used by badminton players. And what it actually means is both players will be standing at the centre of each box. Refer to pic above. The idea of doing this is to ensure that you will have sufficient coverage area for defence. Make sense right? So how do you get into this position without banging into each other? Simple, assuming that player A is the one who will be retrieving a drop shot at the front and player A lift up the shuttle to the back. So once player A lift the shuttle, he or she will have to decide which side of the court to move to. And then player B should naturally go the other way and fill up the other box. So lets say player A decides to move to the left box, then player B who’s standing at the back of the court should move to the right side of the box. So always remember, the person standing at the back should take cue from the person in front on which position to move to.

When attacking:

Front & Back
Attack Formation: Front & Back

When you’re in offensive mode, the best formation will always be one player standing in front while the other partner will be standing at the back. And for seasoned doubles players, they will not have any problems to move into this position. But if you’re a newbie, then remember this. Lets say you are in defensive position and player A is retrieving the drop shot in front and player A decides to play net in front. Then player A should maintain his position in front while player B should move to the back centre and get ready for attack if the opponent lift back the shuttle. Or lets say player A receive a lob shot at the back and then player A decides to execute smash or drop shot, then player B should quickly run to the front centre and provide coverage at the front side of the court. The idea of this formation is, when you’re in attacking mode, the front player should always be prepared to go for the kill if the opponents provide weak replies.

So there you go, maybe you will still get confused on where to run but believe me, the more you play, then your movement will come naturally and there won’t be much problem partnering any other seasoned players as well. 😉

Badminton Guide: Part 1



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