Posted by: mylittlesnow | September 16, 2008

16 Sept is a lie, yada yada, no we have the numbers! yada yada ???

That’s it. I woke up today feeling the same, i came to work feeling the same and right now i am still sitting at my desk doing my normal 9-5 job, and i’m still hearing Anwar saying we have the numbers, and on the other hand Abdullah and Najib telling us that the crossover plan is a total lie and there’s no substance at all in Anwar’s claim. Hmm, who’s telling the truth? I don’t know, because on one side, there’s this guy who keeps on telling us that he has the numbers but it seems that the date he’s going to reveal the details will be on 30th February next year. While on the other hand, there’s this guy who’s famous for being a hardcore sleeper and there’s a possibility that he don’t know what’s happening around him, so i’m not that surprised if he keeps on being this ignorant and keep on denying this and that.

So how? I say, life goes on bay-beh… maybe all of us should take a break from reading even a little bit of Malaysian political news. Whatever that happens now and in future, we are in no control at all and what we can do is just continue to be ourselves, peace loving Malaysians!  😉

Selamat Hari Malaysia…cool, first time i’m actually celebrating this day… hehe…



  1. ha..ha.. Selamat Hari Malaysia..

  2. there is still tomorrow…selamat hari there is still tomorrow…


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