Posted by: mylittlesnow | September 15, 2008

To Malaysian Gov: Oil price now stands at USD95.61, bila mahu turun harga?

As I am writing this post now, the price of crude oil stands at USD95.61. This is definitely a far cry from the once high price of around USD125. And i wonder why the Malaysian government is keeping mum over this. Bila naik, naik secara mendadak. Bila mahu turun, pura pura tak tahu? This is not right. I thought there was a plan to review the oil price once every half month? It’s 15th September now, do you wish to let Pakatan Rakyat announce the drop in petrol price? I will continue to monitor the price of crude oil and i will continue to remind the gov if the price drops. As if they hear me la, but i don’t care, at least i got to syok sendiri and complain in my own blogosphere.

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  1. told my makciks in kampong,pak lah is going to reduce petrol price soon.eleh tunggu turun harga ?turun pak lah sweet dont sweet talk.

  2. As one blogger says “If Pak Lah says “this” he really means “that”. What it really means he is meaning the opposite.

    This issue of price reduction must be directed towards the Minister of Consumer Affairs Dato Sharir Samad. He is very fond of announcing price changes. But how come he is very quiet that the price of crude oils is now below USD96? During the Byelection in Permatang Pauh, sebab mau “pancing” undi, it took the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, lightning fast to calculate and introduced the 15 cents reduction in petrol price. BIG DEAL!!! Now that nothing to “pancing” the PM and his relevant Minister has gone to hiding.

    This just shows that the PM and his Ministers do not have a properly designed/formulated ST and LT Economic Plans. Everything seems to be done on adhoc basis. This is bringing the national economy into chaos (and PM blames DSAI).

  3. cant agreed less with kevyeoh and tangkup.claiming our due rights for reduction of petrol price is like pouring salt into ocean.they can janji and keep on promising until they themselves have forgotten what they janji to rakyat in the first place.

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