Posted by: mylittlesnow | September 14, 2008

Arresting Sin Chew reporter is korek korek korek!

Oh my God! I went out with my friends today and suddenly we brought up some topics about the recent political happenings over here in Malaysia. And of course, we did talk about the ISA stuff and i got a rude awakening when one of my friend told me that her father actually supported the move to detain the Sin Chew reporter under ISA ! Fulamak, that statement itself made my jaw drop and also left me staring blankly at her for a while. And upon further questioning,  as i was very interested to know why her father thinks that way, it seems that her father is a reader of the STAR and he believes every single words that is printed out from the STAR. And he is a firm non-believer of news coming from the internet and he hates RPK for poisoning the young readers mind. Fulamak, i guess this fella is hardcore UMNO to the max !!! Yes, a fifty plus year old Chinese guy blindly supporting UMNO and even agree on the arrest of Sin Chew reporter under ISA. So i guess to a certain degree, Barisan Nasional really did gain some advantage from mainstream media reporting huh. So now i understand there are still people out there who can be so naive and trust everything that is being reported by ‘controlled’ media. But then again, i could also be very naive to trust most of the reports published by Malaysia Today. Afterall, there ain’t no truth in politics right? Interesting, isn’t it?    😉



  1. this is really unexpected. must have a word with the star’s ppl….journalists must at least have some honour in reporting the truth and not lies…tsk tsk.

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