Posted by: mylittlesnow | September 13, 2008

World’s most dangerous job right here in Malaysia…

Pop quiz, can you tell me what is the world’s most dangerous job, available only right here in Malaysia?

Come on, i’ll give you a few minutes to think about it.



About to give up?  So what’s your answer?

Ok la, let me tell you. The answer is a reporter-lah! Fuuyoh, shock or not? Yes, a reporter and let me explain to you why. Because only in Malaysia, if you’re doing your job as a reporter for reporting the truth and facts, then there’s a chance that you might be detained under ISA and then god knows, you might end up at being detained for god-knows-how-long. For those of you non-Malaysian out there, read below to get a grasp of what ISA is all about:

Under section 73(1), the police can detain Tan for a maximum of 60 days for investigations. Based on the outcome of the probe, she can be detained for two years without trial, and the two-year term can be renewed indefinitely.

Yup, a reporter from Sin Chew press was detained under ISA late yesterday, apparently for reporting the truth and nothing but the truth. Amazingly, the guy who uttered rubbish words was not detained at all but the reporter who wrote out that guy’s speech was detained instead. And now, there’s a possibility that she will be detained for as long as possible without trial! Imagine this la, who will dare to become a reporter in the future? Even if you become a reporter, do you dare to report out the truth? Sigh, that’s why i have shut myself off from local dailies and instead relying on the internet for my daily dosage of news.

It is indeed a sad day and i can’t help but wonder, how long will ISA be around? And how many more innocent people will suffer because of this? Sigh. To RPK, Teresa Kok and Tan Hoon Cheng, stay strong and God bless! You have my support, even if it means my one and only support…


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