Posted by: mylittlesnow | September 12, 2008

Malaysian Cars – A guide to alternative names

Well, in case any of you guys have difficulty in pronouncing the names of cars available over here in Malaysia, maybe the guide below can be useful to you, specially for those who understand Chinese Dialects…

Proton Saga       – Pen Tan Sa kua (Mandarin) means a fool?
Proton Savvy      – Proton Sawi (Bahasa Melayu) means a type of vege
Perodua Kancil   – Perodua Kin Cio (Hokkien) means banana
Nissan Latio       – Nissan Lao Jio (Hokkien) means pee in pants
Nissan Cefiro     – Nissan Sei Fei Lou (Cantonese) means big fat guy
Nissan Sentra     – Nissan Sien Thang (Hokkien) means lizzard
Honda CRV         – Honda See Ai Bin (Hokkien) means muka tebal
Nissan Sylphy     – Nissan Sifilis (Bahasa Melayu) means *ahem* STD?

From the list above, i guess that Nissan is the most ‘creative’ when it comes to giving names to their cars. hehe… 

Anyone of you out there got anymore? Keep in coming and share with all of us for some laughs… 😉


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