Posted by: mylittlesnow | September 8, 2008

I wanna eat this and i wanna eat that…

Believe it or not, ever since my wife got pregnant, i started to have food craving symptoms. While my wife could not be bothered at all on what she eats, i started to feel like eating this and that. And the best part is, the food that i usually wanna eat specifically, i won’t get it till trying  for a few times. Previously, it was the ‘loh bak’ stall by the roadside set up during the Hungry Ghost festival. And now currently, i’m dying to eat hot putu piring but i guess due to rainy season nowadays, the stall was not open for the past one to two weeks already. Sigh… But anyway, i get to eat Dominos pizza recently so i’m think i’m ok for now. bwah hahaha…



  1. You were of one mind in creating this joyful situation and now you are one in eating for two. Enjoy ! And if either of you need maternity clothes you will find the greatest selection at

  2. hehehe…hey kev no worries… you’re just like my dad… he also craved for stuff when my mom was preggers!! LOL

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