Posted by: mylittlesnow | September 7, 2008

Neverending flash floods @ Penang

Ever since i was young till now, whenever it pours heavily, there are bound to be flash floods happening as well as landslides. How long do we have to suffer like this, i don’t know. But i hope the new state government will really look into these problems and help to solve it. Was it due to drainage or it’s because of the Penang litterbugs at work? Any DOE assessment done at hillside areas before approving projects or illegal land clearing? Ini gua tak tahu but it seems like flash floods and landslides are all here to stay unless some proper actions are taken. Mr. Lim Guan Eng, i hope you’re reading this!

Star report on flash bloods and landslides here.



  1. flash bloods??? yikes!!!

    okla.. penang is suffering less than KL.. KL lagi teruk when it comes to flash floods…..

  2. err…suffering less? not sure about that la…i can just quote one example… Jalan P. Ramlee area… that area sudah kena flash floods ever since i was young and till now…like cannot solve at all… apa nih? wait till the day i die also still same problem ar? already know that area prone to flash floods, i dunno why nothing has been done till now….still a problem…. sigh…

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