Posted by: mylittlesnow | September 7, 2008

Deklarasi SatuDuaJari – A simple guide

How many of you are actually aware of Statuory Declaration? Frankly speaking, i have not heard of those two words until recently when Raja Petra started to file a statuory declaration and then we see more and more SD being declared after that. So i was wondering if my grandma or the normal pak cik mak cik out there actually knows about all this SD stuff. How do we explain to them what this SD is all about? Ahh, i bet some might have problems even pronouncing the word ‘statuory’. So here’s my simple and alternative guide to SD for all those uncles, aunties, pak ciks and mak ciks out there. I call it SatuDuaJari Declaration. *hint: ‘read it loud and fast’. Who knows, maybe one day if somethings happen to any of us, and especially for some of us who’s illiterate, we all mana tahu how to do this Statuory Declaration stuff? I myself don’t know how to go about this SD so never mind, since swearing on Quran is allowed as somewhat proof of innocence, we can also use this alternative method as well. It’s pretty simple, just raise your right hand and then with two fingers (index and middle) pointed out while clamping the rest of the fingers, you can personally make your own SatuDuaJari declaration. After declaring whatever sumpah that you have, remember to ask someone to write it down and have that copy stamped.

There you go, pretty simple isn’t it? No need to follow the always memeningkan format using official procedure… 😉  Now everyone can make SatuDuajari Declaration.


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