Posted by: mylittlesnow | September 5, 2008

A good example of barbaric Malaysians

Sometimes you wonder, how on earth can we have such kind of people who can utter words that can cause unrest to many people. Check this out, taken from Malaysiakini:

‘We can retaliate’But the most intimidating threat came from former Bayan Lepas assemblyperson Mohd Zain, who warned “non-Malays to be extra careful with their deeds and words.”


“Don’t disturb and push the Malays too much. Don’t think we are quiet.

We can retaliate very aggressively,” he thumped home amidst applause from supporters.

Check out those words highlighted in red. What the fuck is that? By calling the non-Malay as immigrants and telling them that they do not deserve equal rights in this country, that is not wrong? Hey, even if you are right, you can politely explain to everyone of us that your words were taken out of context. Yup, i agree that our ancestors were probably all immigrants and yes, i never have any problems with the so called hak-hak Melayu. Actually if you were to check with the normal Malays and ask them actually what kind of hak-hak were they entitled to? I am afraid that most of them might just stare blankly at you. Hmmm, if you asked me, there are some special privileges enjoyed by the Malay. Let me try to list them out:

1. Special discounts on house purchases. 5% as far as i can remember.
2. ASN only for bumiputras. This one is like a cash cow, very high returns yearly.
3. Minimum percent of bumiputra equity stakes for companies?
4. More places allocated for bumiputras in local universities, hence cheaper education.

Hmm, not too sure what else. Anyone wanna help me out here? So lets take a look at the points above. Personally, i never have much of a problem accepting the so called ‘special rights’ for the Malays. End of the day, i still get to buy a house, i still get invest in ASM or ASW2020, i still get to purchase shares as well as trying my luck to enter a local university, and if i’m unlucky, my parents might be cursing while forking out the money to pay for my studies. My point is, most of us non-Malays never really make a big fuss out of it for the so called ‘special rights’. Maybe we do complain or grumble once in a while but end of the day, we just move on.

And now, when there were requests for Ahmad to apologize for uttering sensitive remarks, the non-Malays were threatened instead? Come on, it’s only a request for an apology and you are warning the non-Malays not to push the Malays too far? Is there anyone taking a knife and pointing it on your throat, threatening to slice your neck off if you don’t apologize? Now that’s what i call pushing to the limit la brudder!

So end of the day, i guess what we need to do is just to ignore those barbarians and move on with our lives. All i know is i am a valid card holder of myKAD, which means i am a Malaysian.  Whatever rubbish that they wanna say, just ignore it and dump it aside. These kind of bastards do not deserve to live at all and may God waste their souls in hell. And oh yeah, i am not merely talking about barbaric Malays but generally barbaric Malaysians. There are some hardcore Chinese as well out there who are damn racist. I know a few Chinese who is biased towards Indians as well, just mention an Indian name and they will give you some weird faces and show their yucky attitude of rejecting that particular person with an Indian name even without properly getting to know that person fist. Yeah, sad isn’t it. All i can do is try to educate my kids to be a true blue Malaysians, no, should be a true human being who lives in a big big world without boundary or border. This is the future and the hope starts with us…



  1. I like your last sentence. way to go bro!

  2. yeap it starts with us !

    One of the main reasons for ‘fearing’ other races is that we have too little interactions with them………(read as polarization!)

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