Posted by: mylittlesnow | September 1, 2008

Baby’s heart beat twice as fast as adult?

Remember the old chinese shows, where you see one tabib Cina attending to a sick lady. He put the tip of his fingers on the lady’s wrist and then start to focus intently as if he’s trying to detect something and then, smiling and saying “Congrats! You’re pregnant!” to the lady. Now those scenes started to make sense to me after i attended a talk. It seems that baby’s heart beat is really two times faster than normal adults and therefore, you should be able to detect another different heart beat but then, you can only detect it through proper medical equipment, something like ultra sound device. Now i guess those old tabib Cina back in the old days had super hearing capability or probably their hearing is greatly enhanced by super kung fu skills. If flying from roof top to a tree is possible, super hearing capability is a piece of cake right?

Amazing huh?



  1. on the old tabib ‘sensing’ the pulse of patients…. imagine the royal physicians gotta ‘sense’ thru threads because they cannot touch the emperor’s concubine!! lagilah power!!

    anyway, what i read to detect pregnancy in the ancient times, they inject urine into a female frog and wait for it to lay eggs within 24 hours. if she does.. then the lady is preggers…else it’s false alarm… kesian kan the frog… seems it is repeatedly used!!

  2. wah… huh… fuuyoh…

    eh… i don’t know any of those two leh… didn’t know about the sensing through threads as well as the frog thing… weird…i’ve been watching chinese movies all these while and i can’t recall any…

    but anyway, memang amazing la… dunno how come we chinese can still enjoy those movie back in the old days huh? i was like…fuwah… kung fu so keng ar? hahaha…

  3. hehee..u must watch those with concubines ones.. only those ada.. the rest tarak one..coz the normal ppl the physician can touch… concubines hoor,u touch.. have to castrate wan le…:p

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