Posted by: mylittlesnow | August 31, 2008

Penang Cendol: Hor Liao but only 2nd best in Malaysia

For ya’all food lovers out there, you definitely have to try for yerself the famous Penang Road Cendol. Actually i’ve stopped eating cendol for quite a while as it’s not easily available around my town area but then i got hooked to cendol again ever since i visited the famous Penang Road cendol stall a few weeks back. And ever since i’ve drop by the place two more times. So what makes a good cendol? I think the most important thing is whether there’s enough santan being used as well as the black sugar used. These two sure contribute a lot to the taste of cendol. Too little of santan makes it not lemak enough while too much of it can make the cendol taste too overwhelming, so mixture of the santan as well as the black sugar needs to be just nice. Ahh, anyway, again, when it comes to writing about food, i’m not that good in it so the best i can do is to include pics and hopefully can make you salivate and rush over to Penang Road to order, “Uncle, one bowl of cendol pls!”.

By the way, if you notice the subject of my posting, i wrote that Penang cendol is the 2nd best in Malaysia. Yep, it’s definitely not the best cause the best cendol i’ve tasted is in Melaka. Now that baba nonya cendol was simply awesome and my vote for best cendol in Malaysia definitely goes to that baba nonya cendol. I don’t know the place and i can’t remember where it was cause my friend brought me there last time. So anyone wanna guide me there for the best cendol in Malaysia? hehe…

Penang Road Cendol

Penang Road Cendol

Oooo sedapnye!!!

Penang Rd Cendol Close Up: Oooo sedapnye!!!



  1. the best cendol is the one on Jonker??

  2. err… can’t remember the place dee lil…
    but it’s the shop that for peen brought us to.. 😉

  3. yeah’s the one on Jonkers Street la..:)

    Which reminds me… the last time i went there was sometime 1.5 yrs ago…when my fren was just preggers… her baby is already 5 mths old..

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