Posted by: mylittlesnow | August 29, 2008

Anwar risk becoming a flip flop opposition leader

I hate to say this but if i am not wrong, i have been hearing from Anwar for countless times that he has the numbers. And he meant the numbers of MPs who’s gonna be crossing over to Pakatan. Now, after he won the PP by-election, Anwar doesn’t seem to be very confident in having the numbers, instead he told us that it’s time for him to reconnect back to the MPs.

— He told Malaysiakini two weeks ago that one of his first task as opposition leader was to reconnect with the government MPs who had indicated their willingness to defect.

“The prime thing is to get back in contact with those MPs that have given their word that they would support (Pakatan) when I return to Parliament,” he said in the exclusive interview.  — 

So in that case, what happens if after ‘reconnecting’ with the MPs, they decided not to quit? If there’s something unsure, Anwar should not have been so brave and also boldly proclaiming that he has the numbers! Cause if the plan fails, then i don’t see him any different than our own flip flop PM, although our PM still holds the record of flip flopping within 24hrs. The thing is, all of us have been supportive and we have been backing Anwar because we really believe he has the numbers and in order for a change, we will need to get him back to Parliament because based on what Anwar has been telling us, the MPs would like to have Anwar back at Parliament first before they commit in crossover. So now Anwar is back, i sincerely do hope that the MPs will keep his word. Else, Anwar will risk his own credibility and he will be the first flip flop opposition leader. So Sept 16 needs to happen, and there’s no room for failure ! Otherwise, be prepared to hear the rakyat gossiping during coffee shop talk, saying “ala, dulu cakap ada number…30 puluh ke atau lebih? lepas tu, dah vote masuk, tak de lompat pun…cam biasa je…kerajaan tak tukar pun… “



  1. What is your ….detail outline proposal to solve the problem ?

  2. just make it happen! it’s a matter of keeping your words and not merely saying something to get support… there will not be a problem in the first place if Anwar did not repeatedly insist that he has the numbers…as simple as that…

  3. Why Dato Seri Anuar should wait for 16th. September the sooner better malaysians want a change 51 years too long for aparthied malaysian way.

  4. He have gone this far.. y didnt u have confident and full trust in him? He is a politician. changes in strategy is common. objective is more important. not trusting him will be more damaging to him.

    my 10 cent.

  5. correction, i still trust him but this is merely something sort of warning that he will lose his credibility…

    like i said, he even dare to say that the MPs requested him to be in parliament first before jumping ship…and you can count yourself how many times he has said previously that he has the number…if it doesn’t happen…i don’t see him any different than badabodewee… just my opinion la… i’m a fence sitter anyway… never been loyal to one single person…. in politics la..not talking about my wife… haha…

  6. Haha!!
    have faith babe, have faith…

  7. kevyeoh…. is correct and shows he is a thinker…while SUMUK is in denial…


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