Posted by: mylittlesnow | August 28, 2008

Charge Anwar NOW if there’s evidence, tak payah tunggu bill…

Seems like BN’s next strategy now is to quickly implement the DNA Identification Bill and come December, once everything is settled, it will be use against Anwar. Any person in the right frame of mind will wonder, what is there to wait or delay if you really have a strong case as well as strong evidence. If there’s a person who can commit such a yucky *bluek* act like sodomy, he should be put in jail, just like any other rapist. I’d be damn pissed if anyone who can commit such a horrendous crime to be allowed to roam freely around wherever he like. But then to delay and drag on the case, and coincidentally to be charged after the DNA bill has been approved, now it will definitely smell fishy then. So if Anwar is guilty, charge him and send him to jail god damnit. Provide all the evidence or eye witnesses and send the guilty one to hell but if there’s no case at all, just drop the case la. Nak buat apa tunggu bill lagi? Rakyat dah bagi bill lagi tak mahu bayar ke?


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