Posted by: mylittlesnow | August 27, 2008

Be careful when people say ASAP!

I learnt a totally new meaning of the word ‘ASAP’ today. You know, usually when people is rushing you for some urgent matters, usually you will reply to them and you will definitely include the word ‘asap’ inside your sentence. And i was taking it for granted that it means as soon as possible till today when one of my colleague used that word on me. He told me that he’ll get back to me ‘asap’ but then i waited and waited without any update and when i ask him back, he coolly replied, “Yup, i’ll get back to you ASAP, which is As Slow As Possible”.




  1. ahah..
    nice one.

    btw, u’ve heard about our rich friends?
    their business licence have been revoked.
    just in case u havent heard.


  2. yea…it’s about time you know… it should have happened way much earlier… dang…

  3. yeah man..more and more ppl as using ASAP as as slow as possible…:(

    dem… just hate that!

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