Posted by: mylittlesnow | August 26, 2008

Anwar wins and BN is still as ignorant as ever…

Finally, a huge sigh of relief for meself. It never crosses my mind that Dato Seri Anwar will lose but considering the fact that shit happens with all the ‘ghosts’ and magic tricks around, who knows BN might pop out some kind of stunts and then *poof*, DSAI lose the Permatang Pauh by-election. So Anwar, we have already made our pledge to send you to parliament and now it’s your turn to walk the talk. Please make sure that you kept all your promises and move Malaysia forward or else, we’re gonna panggang your damn punggung come next GE. Like i said before and i would like to repeat it again, Dato Seri Anwar is only as good as his promises. If he fails to keep his promise, he will be like Abdullah Badawi now, who promises everything back in 2004 and then making sure the promises are all empty to date.

As for Barisan Nasional leaders, sigh, i guess the results speak for itself. Prior to the by election, i’ve heard of Khairy’s pledge to bury Anwar, i’ve read that Arif was very confident of creating upset as well as Najib being very confident as well. I don’t know if they have eyes but based on ground zero reports that i’ve been reading, it was very clear that Pakatan supporters outnumbered Barisan supporters. So i am not sure why they are still very confident and even dare to claim possible victory. The only reason that i can think of that makes them so confident is, *ahem* massive vote rigging. And yet, they are still as ignorant as ever! That’s the thing that pisses me off right to this very moment. From Malaysiakini reports, Umno information chief Muhammad Muhd Taib said that the defeat was due to internal disagreement over the choice of its candidate, Arif, as well as distraction from upcoming internal leadership polls. Yeah right, they can give 1001 reasons but they will definitely not include rakyat’s dissatisfaction as part of the reason. Time and again, they will boldly proclaim that the rakyat have given them the mandate and yada-yoda-yode tra la la la, bla bla bla. And yet, after the increased majority vote obtained by Anwar, i bet that they will still not wake up from their slumber. Call that bloody ignorant or pure genuine dumbness? You know, sometimes i think the second reason above could be for real as well.

Anyway, thank you again to the people of Permatang Pauh for giving all of us Malaysians another hope for a better Malaysia and to Pakatan leaders, that means you guys will have to work triple hard to make our dreams come true… and i sincerely wish you guys the best of luck and may you succeed in your march to Putrajaya! Good night!

p/s: most of you should know but just in case anyone wanna know the official result of PP by election, here you go:

Anwar  31,195
BN 15,524
Ind 92
Majority 15,671




  1. Congratulations to DSAI and to a new beginning for BANGSA RAKYAT and once again thank you to the people of Permatang Pauh for believing in giving Pakatan Rakyat a chance to set things right in our country from the chaos caused by BN!

  2. i like your title of the articles. many of them.
    similarly it sounds like this
    ..” hey, i eat at that chapchai hawker shop, but when are they going to be burnt down?..”


    ..” hey, can you borrow me the 1 million ringgit ha?, but where do you get it from ha?..

    my friend,

    focus on the leadership,
    our own bedroom, back yard, platters,
    before we stumbled upon commentators outside there..
    ramai lagi orang lain pun nak cari makan,

    why disturb others platters ?

    ooopss..don’t brand us from KYB bloggosphere as racist please..

    we are scared of you..

  3. Taib Mahmud and Musa Aman,its your turn to be heroes for Malaysia.
    You have a choice, whether to go along with BN and continue with the path of economic destruction of Malaysia leaving the people of Malaysia left marginalized , demoralized and hope of a better country in tatters OR walk with Anwar for a better future for all Malaysians and restore the patriotism of all Malaysians embracing the hope of a new dawn.

  4. Ok Anuar sail through the by election. What next. Permatang Pauh people 31,195 wants him back. What about the rest of the country. Surely there must be away to pass the massage across. Suggest we bombard an envelope (empty) to the parliament. Pink colour will be nice indicating we are not uncivilizes people. Just imaging if 5 million or more envelope arrive at the parliament door steps ? They will know the RAAKYAT wants them to GET OUT.

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