Posted by: mylittlesnow | August 24, 2008

Najib, what do you mean we don’t appreciate fuel subsidy?

Najib says, ‘No more fuel rebates if you don’t appreciate them‘. Hmm, how i wish all of us can tell him that you’re no longer needed as a leader as well if you don’t appreciate us rakyat. First of all, the government increased the fuel price drastically about 78cents a while back and now they only cut back the fuel price around 15cents? So what do you expect from us? Send a thank you message by the thousands or millions to gov leaders, thanking them that they care for our well being? Thank you for driving big fuel guzzling Mercedes cars while we struggle and drive our kap chais around, celebrating that the fuel price is now RM2.55 instead of RM2.70? I don’t even give a damn at all during the recent announcement of fuel price reduction, and i really don’t care at all. Who knows, right after 26th Aug, the gov might just increase back the price to RM2.70 or even RM3.00, given the time and again proven flip flop announcements.

What is needed to be done right now is to continually look into our problems and keep on helping us to solve it. If fuel price is high, please help to improve the public transport. If MRR2 kaput again, please ensure that the developer is sued and all the necessary repair is done to ensure public safety. If the price of food is soaring, please help to look into ways to help to reach out to the poor, i don’t mind if government give them money directly to the poor, instead of dishing out hundreds of thousands to mosque instead. If the cost of building houses is high, please build more low cost homes for the poor.

There’s so many things to do, so Najib, why don’t you look into all those problems instead of threatening the rakyat to remove the fuel subsidy totally? Blardy hell, think again la, how do you expect us to appreciate when you increase 78cents and then reduce 15cents? It’s like taking a cucumber and use it to sodomize a sinful guy and then after that cut the cucumber and serve it together with nasi lemak to the same sinful guy. So should the sinful guy be thankful because you gave him a cucumber to eat? When prior to that, you have been using the very same cucumber to poke his arse? Think about it…



  1. what reduce by 15cents,my makcik in the kampong said is still increased by to appreciate?

  2. hehe…maw…u got the point spot on! bravo to ur kampung makcik as well…kekeke…

  3. I like your cucumber example…. just so make sense to me. hehe

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