Posted by: mylittlesnow | August 24, 2008

MBSB offering 5% for fixed deposit?

Well, that’s what i saw this morning when i drove past one MBSB branch. Actually, i don’t even know that there’s a bank called MBSB but a big banner in front of the bank caught my attention. The bank is claiming that they will be giving out 5% interest for fixed deposit. Hmm, i’m not sure what are the terms and conditions but if the bank is really giving out 5% interest, i think it will be a good choice to place your extra cash there. The rates is definitely way way much better cause other banks should be giving out 3.7% interest rates only for yearly FD. Go check it out!



  1. Hi I like this site im glad you updated it . I like the new options.

  2. fyi, mbsb is a subsidiary of epf.

  3. MBSB also provide personal loan for goverment staff with low interest 4.9% up to 5.8% depend on the package.

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