Posted by: mylittlesnow | August 21, 2008

To assume is a very dangerous assumption…

Ok, here’s the thing. Over the years, i’ve come to know that to assume is a very dangerous thing to do. Last time, i would have assume most of the things myself, thinking that most of the time that my assumptions are all correct or at least a very safe assumption. But boy, i am dead wrong about it. And i’m not only talking about myself, but i’ve seen many people getting into quarrels, making themselves feeling miserable as well as getting themselves into deep shit without knowing it, all because they assume things. Yes, at times, depending on situation, it’s not right to clarify directly and it’s best to assume but otherwise, it’s good to face the situation and clarify over everything instead of assuming. Trust me, you might end up ‘mulut ternganga’ when you find out the real truth.


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