Posted by: mylittlesnow | August 17, 2008

Characteristic of a Malaysian sports player…

Correct me if i’m wrong but this is what i’ve seen so far :

1. Showed great potential by possibly winning one or two tournaments, usually when they are still unknown, hence no pressure.
2. Received plaudits and probably lots of ca$h after that.
3. Heads starting to grow bigger, showing commitment more to personal lifestyle instead of committed to training.
4. Forgot that reaching the top is easy but maintaining as top player is even harder.
5. And lastly, easily choked at finals. Mentally very very weak.

Typical Malaysian sports player will probably exhibit one or more of the characteristics above. But there is one special case of exception, where all the above is not true and not applicable to this person, Nicol David, she is our true national sports hero(ine).  hehe…



  1. yea.. it is unfortunate that squash isn’t in the Olympics!

    thanks for your support of Datuk Nicol!

    all the best!

    Editor WMSiew,

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