Posted by: mylittlesnow | August 16, 2008

To Permatang Pauh residents, vote for the future of Malaysia…

This is it, to all folks at Permatang Pauh, this is your chance to create history! And to be the saviour of all Malaysians. And I do hope that ya’all will turn up in full force and lets send a strong message to the current or possible future gov that people’s power rulez !!! Perform or be prepared to be shipped out by the rakyat! So guys, i think it’s fair enough for us to give a chance to Pakatan Rakyat to show us what they can do, enough of corruption, enough of kronisme, and no more racial politics… So if you’re still mulling over whether to apply leave, i sincerely appeal to you, it is definitely worth taking one day of your annual leave for the sake of 27millions Malaysians out there. Or talk to your boss, take some time out and then pay back the working hours at a later time, remember, the power is in your hands! Sounds familiar eh? hehe…



  1. Can’t the Penang State Government declare 26 August as a holiday to be replaced by a Saturday?

    how on earth must polling day be on a tuesday ?
    they did it on purpose. a dirty trick by BN to reduce DSAI majority.
    dirty trick or not all voters 100% vote DSAI.

  2. not that easy bro…
    u know how many factories over here in Penang? One day off is equivalent to lots and lots of moo-lah losses dee… well, i still think it’s better for the people to apply their annual leave for 1 day…or even half a day… or like i said, take it offline with their supervisor for a more flexible working hour on that day…

  3. Dear residents of Permatang Pauh, I beg you all to vote for DSAI. Voting for BN is totally useless as our nation will definately fall apart. So, vote for PKR.

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