Posted by: mylittlesnow | August 16, 2008

Narrow mindedness of a certain group of ppl… what’s wrong with 10% quota for UiTM to non-bumiputra?

Honestly speaking, i’m a product of local university and till this day, i have not regretted at having pursued my tiertary education at a local university. I have made many friends over there and there’s where i get to know people from all over Malaysia. Heck, i even know quite a lot of friends from Sabah and Sarawak. Indians, Malays, Chinese, i have made many friends there. So i feel very weird when there was an uproar over the current Selangor’s MB remark to allow 10% of non-bumiputra into UiTM. Hmm, i guess there’s always a group of hardcore people that will never use their brain for a single second to think first before they act and all they will do is to make a huge demonstration and shout racist comments and keep on saying about preserving the so called ‘hak-hak Melayu’. Maybe they are not to be blame as well because they have been ‘brainwashed’ throughout the years so any small issue being raised will be turned into ‘hak-hak Melayu’ propaganda again. What they don’t realise is that you cannot improve if you do not open up to other people and learn from others. Yes, you can continue to maintain it as 100% bumiputra university but then you will maintain your status as a bumiputra university instead of world class university. Again, i’m damn pissed whenever the racial issue is being played up yet again because it is damn time that we should behave as one rakyat from Malaysia and together let us make this a great country to live in. But i just could not figure out what it takes to open up the minds of hardcore to make them realize that being stubborn and merely showing aggressiveness while shouting and proclaming to protect ‘hak-hak Melayu’ will not bring them anywhere. All my life, i have studied at a national school and throughout my primary, secondary as well as tiertary years of schooling, i have made many friends regardless of race and i thought it was really a blast having them as friends, it simply made me feeling more at home. So what’s wrong with opening up 10% of quota to non-bumi? Ever heard of sharing is learning? Sheesh… when will they ever learn instead of knowing how to shout and proclaiming about hak-hak Melayu?



  1. dear..
    there is nothing wrong about asking 10% in malay institution.
    PKR politicized to champion the non-bumi.
    to attack the umno.

    now, focus on my hujah. outside the politic arean.

    that stupid khalid should be better
    requested other-than-UiTM college to
    expand 10% of their business size to
    allocate the poor from the non-bumi.
    talk to LIMKOKWING and
    provide 10% more scholarship to
    the poor non-bumi student within the non-bumi college.

    why attack UiTM?

    UiTM is a technical based university.
    UiTM had produced millions of graduates who had
    renovated the country, and of course
    assisted to developed the country
    with cheap wages.

    can that STUPID Khalid
    fight for the increase of wages for the
    UiTM graduates?
    or, in general
    for the Malays in public sectors?

    Reality is.

    Malays are seen to be corrupted, because
    they have not enough money
    small salary.

    Reason for higher salary among non-bumi is
    they claimed because of
    celebrations, prays, traditions, etc.
    malays have those as well.
    celebrations etc.

    NURSE for example.
    majority government local nurse salary is
    750 maybe.
    2-4% are non-bumi Govt-Nurse.

    Are they less qualified
    LKS or Guan Eng or Khalid or
    BLIND people can’t understand this.

    Don’t blame them if they become majority criminal,
    being caught and jailed,
    Anwar Ibrahim.

    why not?

    I opened my mind, already
    have yours?
    We opened the mind and surrender the land already,
    can Khalid surrender his property to the poor?
    or LKS or Guan Eng or whoever lah yang pandai sangat cakap nak bantu orang susah tu..
    are they really helping?

    cakap senang nak buat semua minyet boleh buat jika semua pergi sekolah sama//

    ya kan ?

    i speak on behalf of the UiTM, now.

  2. whats wrong with that idea? you must remember the billions RM funded for UiTM is rakyats money, the fund is not belongs to malay fund… how pitty your attitudes towards your non-bumis brothers/sisters…

    you must start to open your mind… is malay the incompetent ehtnic in this global? you never think the positive side if this healthy competition allowed.. where is your intergration national? where is your PM for all malaysian?

    continue your demonstration and tomorrow you visit you deepavaligongxifachai friends open house… what would the feeling be.. you are terrible people… like the monkey carrying her dead baby and beliving it is alive.. pitty..

  3. that stupid khalid should be better
    requested other-than-UiTM college to
    expand 10% of their business size to
    allocate the poor from the non-bumi.
    talk to LIMKOKWING and
    provide 10% more scholarship to
    the poor non-bumi student within the non-bumi college.

    i think the problem is, those college you mentioned are all expensive college and if i’m not wrong, a private institution… on the other hand, UiTM is funded by government and is cheaper compare to others la…

    well, if that’s the case, i can agree if gov or state gov provided more scholarship funds to non-bumi to study at private college…that idea sounds good to me as well…

    we are open to this option but why UiTM has to be 100% bumi? I have no problem with that either as i don’t plan to send my kids to UiTM if their standard remains as bumiputra university only…

    but bear in mind the actual context from Khalid… i read that what he meant was to open up to others to help bring up the standards of the university… and don’t you agree with that fact as well? Do you think UiTM can progress if it’s a closed door university? think about it…

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