Posted by: mylittlesnow | August 14, 2008

A day full of makan-makan for meself…

I can’t remember when was the last time when i ate this much, but today, i really really ate a lot!. First, i had a great lunch at Dragon-i. Tried a few of the items inside the menu, like the Sizuan Noodle soup (a bit spicy) with fried pork ribs – this one is for main dish, the famous ‘Siew Long Pau’ – had 3 of these, fried chicken with dried chillis – i purposely ate the dried red chilli and got punished for that, steamed rice with chicken and chinese sausage, fried long beans, fried sizuan noddles with beef and finally deep fried shrimps with century egg yolk. And to round it off, i had ‘dong yuan’ wine flavoured as well as ice blended mango with sago as desert. I think that’s about it and up till 5pm later in the day, i was still feeling very full.

And then moving on to dinner, attended a farewell dinner for one of my ex colleague as she is leaving for UK. And it’s E&O buffet dinner! Omigosh! Let me try to recall what i ate. For a start, lamb is always my favourite so that’s where i attack first. Ate 2 pieces of grilled lamb, lots of grilled scallops, a piece of grilled salmon, grilled oysters covered with cheese, roast duck, roast lamb again, then fried calamari rings, lots of tuna and salmon sushi, and then back for another round of roast duck, 4 sticks of satay, diy pie tie filled with tuna and mayonise, some vegetables, small piece of fried chicken, fried baby crabs, ham. For desert, i ate grapes dipped in chocolate and a few other deserts which i don’t really know the name la. Also ate some fruits, which is kiwi, watermelon and dragon fruit and i’m done for the night. Heck, i’m still feeling very full 2 1/2 hrs after the dinner as i’m writing this now.

When i got back home, seems like my weight increase 2 kgs. Not bad eh? Coupled with my month long layoff from playing sports, i’m on my way to phatness again. *phew*…


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