Posted by: mylittlesnow | August 13, 2008

No medal to show for Malaysian Badminton Doubles @ Beijing Olympics

I guess Rexy will quit as Malaysian badminton doubles coach after the Beijing Olympics. He wanted to quit early but hang on to make sure that the Malaysian doubles players do well at the Olympics but sadly, they were all bundled out before semi-finals. That means there will be no medals at all from the doubles department at this round of Olympics. Well, i was pinning all hopes on KKK/TBH partnership but looks like they might be going their on ways as well after the Olympics. Playing a defensive game all the way, they were outplayed by reigning world champions Markis Kido/Hendra Setiawan. It’s not that KKK/TBH is inferior to them but i believe it’s their approach during the match. They were simply not aggressive enough and they were always lifting the shuttle high for the Indonesians to attack. KKK/TBH’s attacks are damn good but then i just don’t know why they chose to defend all the way. Maybe Kido/Setiawan are better in dictating the pace of the game, hence cutting off any chance for the Malaysian pair to attack. Anyway, our last hope will be on Lee Chong Wei and i hope that he can go all the way this time. Way to go Lee!



  1. yea…. 1st olympic gold medal in badmindton all lies in LCW!

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