Posted by: mylittlesnow | August 11, 2008

RM218mil debt from 2004 erection, it was BN: not UMNO ?

Malaysiakini reported today that In the March 2004 general election, Umno received campaign paraphernalia worth hundreds of millions ringgit including posters, badges, banners and caps, which it had refused to pay. And it seems that they wanna push the debt to BN instead? ha ha ha, hmmm…in that case, we can clearly see that this is a total failure in leadership. I was wondering which party has the biggest say in BN and also which party is the one making the call. When you lead, you take responsible for your team, you take the blame and you should always try to shield your people from further harm as a leader but in this case, when things go wrong, the leader will try to hide away and push the blame to everyone but the leader. This is another example of a great failure in leadership. Har har har, very funny. And lets not forget that when UMNO discuss with PAS regarding some supposedly Malay unity talks, did they consider the feelings of the other component parties? Do they ask for other component parties to join and provide their views? So to all the other component parties, is this the leadership that you are looking for? 😉

Excerpt from M’siakini reports:

A week after the rare High Court judgment

MCPXordering Umno to pay RM218 million for its campaign materials in the 2004 general elections, the ruling party finally responded.

Umno’s treasurer Abdul Azim Mohd Zabidi filed an application in court on July 24 to set aside the judgment based on a number of grounds.

In his six-page affidavit, Abdul Azim argued Elegant Advisory – the company which supplied millions of ringgit worth of campaign materials – had sued the wrong body as Umno did not contest in the general election. It was BN which did, he said.



  1. The best way is for UMNO to settle out of court before all the skeletons in the cupbord are exposed. The worst that might happen is that UMNO would be derregistered again as what happened in 1988. But this time perhaps the court might want to scrutinise the Election Law as to the expenses allowed in the General Election 2004. The involvement of a sum of 218million rgt. in election expenses is ,I think is against the election law. Tan Sri Rashid Abdul Rahman would be the best person to be consulted. Pity UMNO.Why Pak Lah allowed all these to happen.

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