Posted by: mylittlesnow | August 11, 2008

PC Fair 2008: Huh, economic downturn?

I have never missed any edition of the Pikom PC Fair as far as i can recall and like a tradition for me, i visited the fair once again last weekend and gosh, it’s madness! There’s traffic jam everywhere and i’m not only talking about outside but inside the fair as well. There are times when i was caught in a human traffic jam and the large number of crowd simply amazes me. And who’s talking about economic downturn? As far as i see, people are still buying loads of IT goods and i’m very sure that the vendors and dealers at the fair are making tons of money out of this. And by the way, since my Canon iP1200 printer has decided to quit on me, i took this opportunity to grab meself a spanking new All-In-One HP printer. Initially i was considering Canon MP145 but after years of using Canon printers which usually will fail after 1-2 yrs of using, i think the time is ripe for me to try out other brands and HP is the only brand which i have not yet tried so far. Epson, Lexmark and Canon, i’ve bought printers from those brands before prior to this. And my new baby F4280 HP Printer, believe it or not, cost only RM199 ! I would never have imagine that a HP printer will cost this low, and if you only want a printer, you can get a HP printer from as low as RM99, now that’s what i call s-wee-t ! Oh yeah, back to my new toy, setting up the HP all-in-one printer is simply a breeze and in a jiffy, i was already playing around with the printer setting and helping my mom to make 10 copies of her document. I guess i can officially say that my home is now SOHO ready? Bwah haha… a pic of my new toy below:

All-In-One photo printer

All-In-One photo printer



  1. ada test out with printing a photo tak?

  2. yes…photo looks good as well..i guess any normal printer can print out a decent photo pic already…

    btw…very rare for me to print color photo…my main priority now is long usage and ease of refill…seems like HP cartridge very easy to refill also…let me test out how long this printer can last…


    like i said, tired of canon…doesn’t last long for me…bought easily 3-4 canon printers already…

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