Posted by: mylittlesnow | August 4, 2008

Value of money vs Value of life

Today i’m going to talk about this topic. Yes, the value of money vs the value of life. In my opinion, there are two groups of people, one who really appreciates the value of money and then there’s another group of people who really appreciate what life is all about. Maybe there’s more than two group but since i’m talking about value of money vs value of life, i’m just going to split them into two main groups.

Now if you’re into financials, more or less you should know what do people mean when they mention about the value of money. I am not a financial expert but based on my personal understanding, the value of money depreciates over time. You might be able to buy a packet of Maggi mee for RM0.60 now but 10 years down the road, i am quite sure that the Maggi Mee will cost a lot more than RM0.60. So, from time to time, i will get an earful bunch of lectures about the value of money whenever i look like i’m in a carefree spending mood. Yes, i agree that we work hard and we earn our money and it is right for us to protect the value of our money through various means of investments. But then, i strongly believe that we should not overdo it until we forget about the value of life. So this is is where the value of life comes into picture.

So what will you guys define as value of life? To me, it simply means enjoying what life is all about and when the time comes to call it a day, i’ll tell myself “Wow! What a life!”. Ok, this is the part where almost all of the time, money will definitely flow out from your pocket. Take for example, buying a bag of Gucci? Or spending a big chunk of your moo-lah on the latest IT gadget? Actually, at times, it’s really a waste of money but if it makes you happy, why not? The key thing here is to make sure that you are spending within your means. You don’t work your ass off 5 days a week and 52 weeks a year just to make sure that you see your money grow with you over the years and then use them later as some sort of bed in your coffin. So in my opinion, if you like something and if you can afford it, buy it! Some people simply loves taking a walk at the garden which is absolutely FOC but some people enjoy buying the latest IT gadget which cost thousands of dollars and then just upgrade again after only a while using them. But if that’s what makes you happy instead of being gloomy, why not? And also, i’m not merely talking about simply spending your money off to satisfy your materialistic urge. What about spending on something to protect your life or at least minimize the risk to be in danger? If you are able to afford it, will you buy a proton iswara car or at least some other better car with better crash rating? Or do you merely want to save RM50 on taxi fares, instead choose to walk a few kilometres and going through dark alleys before reaching your destination? In this situation, do you value the value of money or do you value your life more?  

Now don’t get me wrong again, i’m not saying that you should spend whatever you earn as long as you’re happy. In everything, you need to have a balance. I strongly believe that you should tuck away a certain amount of money every month as part of your retirement fund, as you sure need money when you’re old and not working. But then, at the same time, you should also enjoy life to the fullest. God knows, you won’t really know what will happen to you in the future. Are you able to tell that you’re gonna live past 90? Or just simply take a look at the newspaper, sometimes it just takes a second to take your life away. Earthquake, accidents etc? Who knows?

So what triggers me to write this? Well, i’ve been observing around and i can clearly see two distinct group of people. One group who truly cherish and enjoy the meaning of life and another group of people who just know how to save money and preach about the value of money. Hmm, i’m wrong, i think there’s 3 groups of people in that case. The first group will be the person who’s spending way above his/her means. Those type of people will spend using credit cards and not realizing that they don’t have that money actually to buy the stuff that they want. If you belong to this group of people, congrats, you’re on your way to bankruptcy but don’t worry you won’t die unless you decide to commit suicide. And the second group of people belongs to those who know how to save and yet knows how to enjoy life. End of the day, they still do save enough money for rainy days but then they are also more willing to spend on things that makes them happy, whether by buying a car or going for a holiday. And lastly, the third group of people belongs to those who’s world revolves around the value of money. They are the type of people who will be damn ‘kedekut’ or thrifty and they don’t spend unnecessarily. This group of people will tend to value the money more than their life as well. But let me make this clear, sometimes there are people who went through life changing experience so we can’t do much about it. There might be people who went through hardships and there might be people who enjoy the luxury of life, never having work at all in their whole damn life.

So my point here is, you should always reflect on your life from time to time. You should know when it’s time to save some money but you should also know when it’s time to enjoy life. Life is all about balance. You should always treasure the value of life yet not forgetting about the value of money. Spending RM500 on a racket is ok if you have RM50k in savings. What’s wrong with pampering yourself? Spending RM5k on house alarm is ok if you feel it’s worth spending the money to ensure your own security.

So the decision is yours and i hope that all of us will have a great time enjoying our life and when we’re old, we’re gonna say to ourself, what a blast! Whooooo !!!



  1. Very clear opinion, I agree with you and i suppose that more people not understand that they need to keep balance between life and work for money. economy litaracy is Very important thing For realization this balance in our life.

  2. Great post…I agree with alot of what you have said and I feel that people don’t value life as much as they value the need for money. Money definitely doesn’t make everything better.

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