Posted by: mylittlesnow | July 30, 2008

A cow is a chicken if the evidence is helping Anwar…

Ahh… how long do they intend to go on like this? It’s like a never ending story. Someone made a stunning Statuory Declaration and *poof*, the next day, that very same person just disappear into thin air. And now we have the medical report from Pusrawi, and *poof*, the will try the same thing again to memutar-belitkan their way out of this. Now officials from Pusrawi Hospital is claiming that the report is not sodomy related. And they don’t want to admit that the report is similar to the official report available at the hospital. I don’t know how hard it is to obtain the official report from the hospital and then compare it to the one posted by RPK. Maybe the report is now stashed somewhere up up and away at the top of chimney or it’s stored somewhere above the ceiling. I am not sure but it’s sure a long time for the hospital to officially declare that the medical report posted is a genuine copy. Now read this properly, even if they can confirm that it’s a genuine copy, that only proves that it is really a genuine photocopy but the report itself is not genuine from the hospital. Get me? bwah hahahaha, syok sendiri, forgive me la but i that’s how things are at the moment.

Aiyo, judging by the way how this case is being handled, personally i have already had my own judgement set. So it doesn’t matter how you wanna create a story for cover up. Heck, i believe up to this moment, Anwar is still being denied access to the police report lodged by Saiful. And what about the DNA, why so many parties involved were so eager to get Anwar’s new DNA? And what about the current medical report? Nice try in saying that by ‘inserting a piece of plastic into the anus’, it’s not sodomy related. So if i were to use a plastic to poke into a woman’s vagina, it’s not rape? Bah!

So, like i said in my title post above, if a chicken is an evidence Anwar can use to support himself, you will see a press statement being organized a few days later, like it’s already planned properly to explain, that the chicken is actually a cow, and along the way will discredit the fact that the feathers is actually from the chicken and also the beak belongs to the chicken, but no, they will say it’s a cow!  

Go read the press statement here.





  2. ah boo boo ke de boo ba da boo ba da wee?
    me no understand what you you talk talk ok?

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