Posted by: mylittlesnow | July 29, 2008

World price of crude oil drop, will petrol price in M’sia drop as well?

If i am not wrong, the current crude oil price stands at USD124 as of today. It has already drop from an all time high around  USD145. So i was wondering, if the oil price drop till USD100, will our Malaysian government revise the rate as well? I am also wondering if based on current oil price today, is my government making money instead of giving out subsidy?

hmm…i wonder… but my sixth, seventh, eight till infinity sense is telling me that the price of petrol in Malaysia will never drop for a long time to come and our only hope is if Pakatan Rakyat takes over come this September… and i am rooting for Pakatan Rakyat all the way…



  1. i can bet with u . they wont’1

  2. Yes, I agree with both of you. The prices will not drop at all. Money is their GOD. Long live PR. I hope PR will form the next GOVT!

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