Posted by: mylittlesnow | July 28, 2008

One of the best Honda SC in Malaysia -> Motoria

I’m gonna put it plain and simple. I made an appointment at 12pm. Arrived around 11:50am and register myself. Was told that since it’s service during lunch time, i might have to forgo my free car wash. Apparently, the mechanics work during lunchtime as well (maybe take turns la) but car wash guy won’t be back anytime soon. Well, i told the guy, just try to wash the car if can make it. Hand over my key and head over to the lounge area. Read star newspaper and some magazine and make myself a nice hot cuppa tea. Simply love the teh tarik machine over there. In no time, it’s already 1pm and walk over to the service area and voila, saw my car being washed. A few minutes later, got my car key and drove off.

Now this is what i call a superb customer service and efficient service centre. If only all car service centre can emulate this one…



  1. honda has a very impressive system put in place for their service centres. The only thing that could beat that is Toyota Production line. I wonder why Toyata didn’t implement their efficient ways in their SC…

  2. yeah…just attended a class talking about Toyota’s quality control…i think it’s called LEAN… very impressive….

    now i know why lots of ppl buy toyota cars…
    and makes me wanna buy toyota as well for my next car purchase…

  3. where’s motoria dude?

    • You know Megamall? Opposite megamall there’s shop houses…like small town area….it’s somewhere near there only…butterworth…

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