Posted by: mylittlesnow | July 28, 2008

Me first encounter with Tuak and Cocktail…

Have been wanting to post this for a while but somehow didn’t get to do so. Recently attended a house warming party at one of my colleague’s house and got a first taste of Margarita + Tequila combo cocktail. It taste rather strong but overall i still like it but find it weird that the top portion of glass is covered with salt. Not sure if that’s for deco purpose alone or you should sip the drink together with the salt.


And yesterday went to a Seafood restaurant somewhere around Bagan Lallang and was surprised that a chinese restaurant is offering Tuak for drinks. Apparently, the restaurant is famous because of its tuak and usually people throng the restaurant during lunch time for a drink. The tuak looks a lot like barley drink and it’s a bit sour with the feeling as if you’re drinking a carbonated drink but then, you can’t really detect the alcohol at all, not like when we’re drinking Carlsberg. Overall, not bad at all and i think i’ll go back for another cuppa tuak. 🙂



  1. margarita is suppose to whack the salt with the drink..

    bagan lalang? isn’t that in selangor?? or my geog really tarak boleh pakai?

  2. mainland penang got a place called bagan lallang as well…

  3. Aiyo. Tuak? You tasted authentic ‘tuak’ that came from Sarawak before or not? Apparently not. Why dont u give me your address, I send to you FOC next month! 😉

  4. i heard before that the original tuak comes from either sabah/sarawak… i guess i’ll try it next time when i visit sabah or sarawak… 😛

    i have never heard of ppl courier tuak drink before…. hehehe…

  5. Hihihi!!! We can try 😀
    If perfume can, maybe tuak oso can.

    I’ve tested your ‘tuak’ before, somewhere where i cant remember. i thot it’s like fuzzy drink only, certainly no alcohol inside leh. They call it tuak there for commercial purpose I think. a bit masam but sweet oso. eishh… duno where la.. if can find will tell u.

  6. yeah…i think ur right…sort of fuzzy drink type… a bit masam and sweet…spot on… hehe

    so the real tuak is not like this?

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