Posted by: mylittlesnow | July 23, 2008

What to check if you are suffering from a knee injury…

Some basic info on what to do when you are suffering from knee injury. This is what i can recall from my visits to clinic as well as the hospital last Saturday when my knee got knocked during a football match. By the way, my knee got swollen really bad and i think there was some internal bleeding so if any of you guys ever injured your knee, this is what you should try to look out for.

1. Check if your foot/toes are having numbness.
2. Check if your leg/toes are cold.
3. Place your finger on top of your foot (roughly on top of centre metatarsal bone) and then check the pulse. Try to take note if the pulse is getting weaker or there’s totally none! :O

If you are having 3 or maybe any of the symptoms above, then you better get your ass to hospital ASAP and i really mean it. Chances are you might have ruptured your major artery inside your leg and i think that is quite serious. Thank God i was ok but i think this info is quite good to share around, who knows, anyone of us might encounter this situation again in the future.



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