Posted by: mylittlesnow | July 21, 2008

It is already a blessing being able to live a normal life…

Everyone of us might take it for granted, yet we forgot that being able to live a normal life each day is already a blessing for us. I suffered an injury over the weekend while playing football and i got a knock on the knee. Just a knock, or i thought so. Little did i know that over the subsequent few hours, my knee began to swell, with almost the size of half a baseball coming out from the side of my left knee. It was excruciatingly painful and at one time, i really could not walk at all. It was painful even when i’m sitting down, doing nothing. Preliminary assessment by one chinese sinseh was there’s internal bleeding inside my knee and his advice was for me to go to hospital and get the blood inside drawn out. So i hurried to the ER of one hospital and again, the medical officer over there told me that probably they will have to make a small incision to withdraw the blood out inside but i have to wait till the next day as the surgeon is not around. Btw, it was around midnite already by that time. But thank God, the next day, the swelling was not as bad as the previous night and by now, the third day, i can start to walk again but still limping. It will definitely take a while for me to recover but the point is, i am so thankful that this is only a minor injury. Don’t you guys agree that it is indeed a blessing to have two legs to walk and two hands to hold. What about the eyes or ears. Any damage to one of ’em and i bet, it will make a hell lot of difference in your life. So remember, stop whining if you don’t have money to buy a Beemer, stop whining if don’t get to attend Mega Sales carnival with 70% discounts when you’re sick, stop whining that you still have to work your ass off to pay your monthly credit card bills and housing loan, but instead, be thankful that you are able to lead a normal life everyday… as simple as that…



  1. My injury from car accident was half a year ago, but i still couldnt jog or dance myself silly. Being unable to walk and became dependent on walking stick for 2 weeks leaves me feeling frustrated and wishing that I woke up from a deep bad dream.

    The knee pain became the worst whenever you try to do your big ‘business’ dont you agree? That’s my worst part 😀

    Btw, ive added your link in my blog so I wont forget to make a frequent visit. Keep in touch!

  2. you got it spot on! it’s a real pain when doing the big ‘business’…hahaha…heck i have not squat for 5 days now….

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