Posted by: mylittlesnow | July 21, 2008

Buy Mercedes E200 Kompressor if you want to cut cost?

I’m at lost for words right now. The BN suckers are real good at making me speechless and lost for words. The latest one is the Terengganu’s state gov decision to purchase 14 Mercedes E200 Kompressor cars as part of their plan to cut the cost. Apparently, their current fleet of Perdana cars is costing them a lot on maintainance. While I couldn’t agree more on Perdana’s problematic gear box, but i was left wondering if buying Mercedes instead can really help to cut the cost. Judging by the way how the BN reps simply come out with 1001 dummy reasons to explain for their 1001 actions, i might as well turn into a dummy now so my life will not be that miserable anymore reading their dummy reasons.

Just take a look at Penang state gov versus the Terengganu state gov. The first thing that current Penang state gov did was to cancel all new car bookings made for the state. Instead, they choose to use whatever existing cars as long as they are road worthy. Now that’s what i call walking the talk! But for Terengganu, you said that you are not using the oil royalty money, now that’s even worse! While the rakyat is suffering now with higher cost of living, you even dare to purchase 14 Mercs instead of thinking ways to help the rakyat? A few days back, i recall that Penang state gov will be handing out RM100 to poor families. It may not be a lot, but i’m sure at least that is a kind gesture from a responsible state gov. Even if you criticize the current Penang state Gov, i’m sure it will be better than spending the money on buying 14 Mercs. Even Selangor’s state gov is giving free water to the rakyat.

And lets look at the justification given by the Terengganu state gov.

“Ahmad cited the example of the Proton Perdana of state Commerce, Industry and Environment committee chairman Toh Chin Yaw, which has twice undergone expensive repairs costing RM50,000 within 36 months.”

So spending RM50,000 within 3 years is better than fcking, oops, i mean forking out RM3.43million for the new cars? Seriously, i don’t know how much it cost to maintain a Mercedes but from my past few years experience reading automotive forums, Perdana’s gearbox problem is for real but there are steps that can be done to overcome the problem. For me, it’s just another sh*t reason given by BN time and again. With or without the ‘Wang Ehsan’, i believe it’s still the same cause the money is still with BN one way or another, it’s just either with the Fed gov or Terengganu state gov.

So Terengganu folks, happy now that you guys voted for BN to be in power? At least now there will be additional 14 brand new Mercedes cars running on Terengganu roads…



  1. I do concur that that decision to buy the Mers defies all known logic; what more its justification. Hey, but that’s the normal BN line of thinking all this while. So what’s new?. Guess the Trengganu folks should be very happy now?

  2. It’s such a waste of money.

    Personally, I think Proton cars are crappy and in the long run they cost a lot to maintain and upkeep. But if that was the main criteria, why didn’t they buy Toyotas or Hondas? The Japanese cars are so much more high quality in terms of fuel efficiency, maintenance and pricing.

    It’s a lie. The Terengganu administration is probably using money from oil royalty, regardless of what they claim.

  3. oh blind me, why i didn’t think of Japanese cars…well of course, get a Camry or Accord and i’m sure it will be cheaper to maintain than a Merc… du-oh! hehe… thanks for the inputs…

  4. i think merc is better than proton anyway, that’s the truth, so be it.

    At least i am happy that PM and DPM dont have a merc to ride in…that is good enough !

  5. haha… yeah… Merc is a gazillion times better than proton… and the whole wide wurld will definitely agree with you…

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