Posted by: mylittlesnow | July 17, 2008

OMG, some idiot stared at me tweety bird!

Holy cow! I think this is my hottest post to date, at least in my opinion. This has definitely not happened to me before in my whole damn life and i cannot imagine that it will happen. You see, i was out with my colleagues for team building activity and we decided to go watch a movie. Before that, my boss and i went to the bathroom to ease ourselves. And boy oh boy, holy kablooee. That was when a sick guy just came in and then stand right next to me on my right side. My boss was on my left side. And that sicko pervert just turned his head and tilted his heads towards me and stare directly at me tweety bird!  You bloody sicko guy! I don’t bother to look back at him and i just continue peeing while trying to block my sweet tweety bird as much as possible. Who knows, that guy is a sick ass guy and if i stare back at him, he might just grab me and kiss me? Gosh, i guess now i know how it feels to be peeped at! When i walked out of the toilet, i told my boss about the incident and my boss told me that he noticed that too. That’s why my boss quickly walk out of the toilet as well. WTF! Holy cow! Someone just molested me bird bird using his eyes! Arrrrggghhhhh…

Oh yeah btw, i wonder if i should visit the DPM office to consult him if i should make a police report on this… hmmmm….



  1. la… ur company is quite good on this things wut…… whack him with sexual harassment!

  2. happened at shopping mall la…not at office…

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