Posted by: mylittlesnow | July 16, 2008

Petronas announce record profit, rakyat slapped with record petrol price!

Petronas posted a record profit of RM61bil for financial year ended Mac 31, 2008. Petronas also paid out a record RM30bil in dividends to Federal Government.

Rakyat received a record petrol hike of 78cents for the year 2008

Fed Gov sayz that they cannot afford to subsidize petrol for us anymore. How come they cannot take the extra dividend/tax from Petronas to cover back for us? That’s a very simple math for me. The numbers simply do not add up. And i’m still a retard from the Federal Gov’s perspective because i still cannot figure out why they cannot subsidize more when they are getting more from Petronas. Period !

Goo goo ga ga ga? Da da duh do-oh daaa? de de deee dam dam da? Maybe when i speak this language i’ll understand the Federal Government. Goo goo ga ga ga? *slurp*…


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