Posted by: mylittlesnow | July 15, 2008

Anwar vs Sapadia Cheek : Debate vs personal attack

Well well well, not bad at all. At least DSAI was given the chance to debate live on National TV, well, if you consider TV9 as national TV la. Seriously, i was expecting some warrant arrest at the very last minute and voila, tarak live debate no more. But as i said, kudos, and i really appreciate the opportunity given for the live debate to go on smoothly as planned.

So what’s interesting about the live debate? Nothing much la, end of the day, don’t see any changes happening at all. Early on, during the first round if i’m not wrong, i recalled that one question was forwarded to Sapadia Cheek, asking about gov’s previous pledge that the fuel subsidy savings totalling about RM4b will be used to improve public transportation, but only about RM700m was spent so far (p/s: i am quoting rough estimate of the numbers, i did not write down the actual figures). The question was, with this round of petrol increase, it will be about RM14b worth of savings, so how does the gov actually plan to do on this? Are we really able to spend the total RM14b saved on transportation or will it be another forgotten issue? And i remember this very clearly that Sapadia Cheek snake his way out of this question. He just tai chi away and mumbled some useless answer. Not bad eh?

All in all, i can only recall that time and again, personal attacks were launched at Anwar but no facts were really presented. I remember Anwar did present facts that with increased of USD1 in petrol only, Petronas will be earning some XXX amoung of money. Anwar also did bring up about the effort needed to prevent wastage such as the diesel issue, where we lost hundreds of millions of ringgits. And also Anwar emphasize that why gov can bailout MAS and many other GLC companies amounting to lots and lots of money but the gov cannot bailout rakyat, instead telling us that they have to reduce the subsidy? I can’t agree more! What the fcuk you high post idiots are thinking about?

Next, i also remember about the inflation rate being quoted at Malaysia, which is about 6% now. Hell fcuk you! That guy who give out this number should be fcuked by a dog! A teh tarik which cost about RM1 previously is now RM1.10. That is 10%! I almost bought a mattress before 1st of July because i was told that the price will increase between 15% to 30%. Hell no, construction material cost has already gone up as well and it’s definitely around 15% to 30% region. So where the fcuk does the 6% comes from? Fuuyoh, kanasai betul la.

And lastly, this is the best part. Sapadia Cheek asked Anwar one question, if Anwar bring down the price of petrol and come 2015 when we became a net importer of oil, will Anwar raised the petrol price secara mendadak? Aha, GOTCHA !!! Hello brother Sapadia Cheek, you should be defending like hell that the gov have no choice at all and it’s a matter of life and death that you guys have to raise the petrol price by 78cents. But by asking this, are you implying that actually the gov choose to increase the price of petrol secara mendadak now so that the rakyat will not be burdened or it will not be a complete shock for the rakyat when the price increase to actual market value in the future when Malaysia becomes the net importer of oil? So are you saying that what you guys do is for the good of rakyat in the future? To ‘marinate’ us properly so that we will get accustom to the high petrol price? hmmm… i wonder…


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