Posted by: mylittlesnow | July 13, 2008

Suddenly Malaysian ACA become so hardworking?

Wow, show time! For two days continuously, i’ve been reading reports of ACA nabbing people from Immigration department relating to some social pass issue. Not bad eh? Why all of a sudden become so hardworking? How come previously when Paktan Rakyat voiced up on the Port Klang scandal, nothing much has been done about it? What about the submarine deal scandal which has been voiced up time and again but then no concrete proof were shown to prove the allegation wrong? Hmmm… why nowadays i can’t help but to just think that all this is merely a ‘show’? Just to show us rakyat that the ACA is indeed doing something but then, to me, it doesn’t matter anymore. I have totally lost my confidence on everything being done by the current gov. Don’t get me wrong, let me reiterate again, i gave my 100% backing back in 2004 and i was a hardcore supporter as well. Now? Hmmm…everything seems fake to me now. Nothing that is being done can convince me anymore that our current gov is really fighting graft, and fighting hard to clean up the mess.

Deputy D-G and kin held.



  1. ACA Malaysia has been very hardworking; syabas.
    Hopefully, these probes will have fruitful ending to tell the rakyat the truth; make it known to the rakyat the results, and not just close the case/ file halfway without ending.
    The rakyat knows what is happening :
    The JPJ, The Kastam, The AP issues, The police, The City Councils , The Education- abusing of power, corruptions; which has caused government funds being spent for under-valued products, causing the rakyat to suffer ( despite the AG’s report on overvalue purchases ); nothing came out after that……the rakyat in the dark….

  2. This mr Buang,must be buang,his mouth is full of shit,

  3. mr kevyeoh ,you are absolutely right . these people Ai ya buat wayang only lah fedup,see how many they can more nab and what the punishment is.end of the day no evedience juga.let go end of story.

  4. john,
    if ACA is really doing the job and put the culprit behind bars…then of course, syabas to them…but if they are nabbing 10 to 20 people and end of the day nothing is being done and the culprits walk away scot free…then this is just another show…time will tell..but like i said..i’ve given up hope….

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