Posted by: mylittlesnow | July 12, 2008

Aiyoyo, apa macam ada MP Bung macam ini? Showing vulgar sign…

Bung Mokhtar, sounds familiar to you? Ya la, that MP who’s always in the spotlight for the wrong reason. I’m still puzzled how in the hell this guy can be elected as MP after the ‘tiap-tiap bulan bocor’ issue happened sometime back. And his latest action is the two hand smacking vulgar sign, I am dead sure most of us know what sign this is. Based on my understanding, the sign itself equals to ‘Fcuk You’ or ‘Ma Chao CB’ or ‘P*ki’. So to those who’s voting for him, please think properly la before you vote. Are you really sure that you want to vote for someone like this? How can you explain to your kids about his action? Gosh…horrible…

See for yourself la, damn malu la we have this kind of MP. I wonder why no one from Barisan is ticking off this Bung and continue to let him do this brainless and barbarian act in parliament. Video from youtube below:



  1. after 50yrs merdeka there we voted this kind of MP?? Shameful M’sians…

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